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The mission of the EMN Administration is to provide excellent financial and administrative support to the Departments of Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology (EEOB), Molecular, Cell & Systems Biology (MCSB), the UCR Natural Reserves, and the Stem Cell Center, which perform research, teaching and community outreach.


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CNAS Science News


Carb-eating bacteria under viral threat
Strictly speaking, humans cannot digest complex carbohydrates — that’s the job of bacteria in our large intestines. UC Riverside scientists have just discovered a new group of viruses that attack these bacteria.
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Venus might be habitable today, if not for Jupiter
Venus might not be a sweltering, waterless hellscape today, if Jupiter hadn’t altered its orbit around the sun, according to new UC Riverside research.
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Scientists precisely measure total amount of matter in the universe
UC Riverside-led team’s technique relied on determining the mass of galaxy clusters
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Entomologist gains ignoble distinction
People who research insects for a living are just like us — totally creeped out by spiders. This is the finding of a paper that earned retired UC Riverside spider expert Richard Vetter a 2020 Ig Nobel Award.
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